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Two Dried Leaves


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...This is one of our mantras at EWA! Come and explore with us how you can take care of the Earth through the decisions you make regarding your clothes! 

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Sunday, April 28  -/ 12-3PM
Compost: Recycling

Mother's day is close, why not celebrate our Madre Tierra? Come learn how to make a simple and affordable way to help our Madre! You will have the opportunity to learn about composting techniques, its significance, and how to engage in it affordably! Light snacks and refreshments will be provided!

Saturday, June 15  / 12-3PM
Cloth Swap Party: Reuse & Grow

Gathering to promote sustainable consumption. By exchanging valued but no longer used clothing, one can acquire additional clothing without incurring additional costs. Grow both your knowledge about the fashion industry and your networks of support by knowing other people who care about the environment while having a sense of fashion!

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Saturday, August 24  / 12-3PM
Cloth Painting: Repurpose & Reflect

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of paint! Come and learn how to give a second chance to your clothes. Bring that piece you have been meaning to paint. For this workshop you must bring a garment either in cotton or jeans. Open up to reflect about you, what you were, and how they connect!

Saturday, November 3 /12-3PM
Repair Cafe: Restore & Connect

Open space for people to bring either clothes they want to fix or knowledge to share! Spend some time meeting new people, exchanging knowledge, and learning how to mend your clothes at home. Connect with different people, ages, languages, and knowledge!

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