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Research has proven that humans find it easier to create change when receiving support from others. This is why most people find it easier to reach certain goals such as working out regularly, waking up on time, or studying for a big exam when at least one other person is doing the same. In other words, we are creating the perfect support group and environment to accompany you through your process of change, by creating a community of people looking for the same: to feel better and learn the best ways to maintain theirs and their family’s well being.

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MindArt ATL

MIND ART ATL is a collaborative project to support, strengthen, and enhance Atlanta's LATIN COMMUNITY through art. Artists, counselors, designers, and social workers both from Latin America and the United States create unique, therapeutic experiences that spark creativity and crucial conversations related to mental health.

Environmental Awareness

The Energy Works team, Crebe and Poder Latinx, have come together to carry out a series of events focused on raising awareness about the impact that human beings are generating on the Environment. Each event is designed to offer a positive, community learning experience. In each workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to develop a new skill, learn about caring for the environment and understand the relationship of all this with their physical and mental health.

Herb+Art experience

The Herb & Art experience honors and celebrate local talent and creativity, bringing our community together through immersive art in a magical event where you will find art, herbal infusions, music, and much more!

Christmas Pop-up Market

Sunday, 3 November, 2024

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Energy Works ATL

Get into the festive spirit at our Christmas Pop-up Market, where you'll find a jolly mix of vendors selling unique gifts, delicious treats.

This Market is a shopping event featuring handmade goods, curated collections, and local boutiques. Handcrafted goods by local creative artists and all of the makers, bakers, designers, and artisan food vendors who make up this vibrant community of small businesses.


Energy Works ATL


Energy Works ATL & Talent Connect Business

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